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ColRegs: Learn Nautical Rules of the Road for all Seagoing Sail and Power Vessels

For Skippers & Crew of Sailboats, Power Boats and Commercial Vessels, Worldwide

The app enables the user to quickly interpret what other vessels are doing, who has right of way and what action they should take to prevent a possible collision, as defined by the ColRegs.

Whether at sea or ashore, in daylight, darkness or poor visibility, simply open the app and search the rules in seconds to find the appropriate rule and definition.

ColRegs: Rules of the Road

is a quick reference tool featuring explanatory graphics with clear, concise descriptions. This boating app is designed to help skippers and crew identify vessels and the activities they are engaged in, as specified in Part A: “Steering and Sailing Rules” (Rules 4-19), Part D: “Sound and Light Signals” (Rules 32 to 37) and “Distress Signals” (Annex IV) of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea,(IRPCS) or ColRegs.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Easy reference learning and revision tool for day skippers and boat pilots
  • 100+ graphics with clear explanations of the rules
  • Researched and produced by nautical experts for accuracy
  • Positively evaluated by professional navigators for reliability
  • Interactive “Test Yourself” Section
  • No internet connection required
  • Simple, easy to use navigation for quick reference
  • Every rule and definition available at the touch of a finger.

There are 4 main sections to this app:

1. Navigation Rules: A graphic reference guide which illustrates the majority of the “Steering and Sailing Rules”in 29 easy to follow illustrations. Each illustration has a two line caption explaining the rule. For more detailed information, drop down captions reproduce the appropriate rule in full.

2. Signals: The “Sound and Light Signals” in 37 easy to follow illustrations. Also included in this section is Annex IV from the ColRegs, detailing the “Distress Signals” used at sea. Each illustration has a two line caption explaining the rule. For more detailed information, where appropriate, drop down captions reproduce the rule in full.

3. ColRegs: Steering and Sailing Rules (Rules 4 to 19) and Part D: Sound and Light Signals (Rules32 to 37) and Annex IV Distress Signals are reproduced in full.

4. Test Yourself: A series of multiple choice questions with 28 graphic representations of the rules helps you check your knowledge.

Reviews by users of this app:

“… a brilliant training and reference device” 

“…. excellent graphics, really first class clean design and accurate info…”

“I liked the general feel and simplicity of the ColRegs Rules of the Road app”

“Very easy to use, wish I’d had this when I was doing Day Skipper!”

“I have deleted another app that I had in favour of yours.”

“….excellent graphics, really first class clean design and accurate info…”

” Beautifully produced and very simple to use, a cool learning tool”

” Good app for anyone to use, especially when you are training for boatmaster, yachtmaster etc. Much easier than flip cards”

“Useful app for trainees. Seriously, if those user dont know how to use it, pls uninstall.. Best app ever!! Thank you..”

“For the few pounds, literally, that the apps cost I would think they were excellent value for money.”

“Very useful as a memory aid as it is a while since I did my training. Excellent – recommended. I’ll have it on my iPad next time i’m out on the water. Well done.”

“Bilder slutade fungera när jag bytte till android 4. Mailade utvecklaren, de löste problemet. De erbjöd mig även pengarna tillbaka om jag inte skulle vara nöjd.”

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