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Dag Pike’s Boat Checklists

Boating Checklists for sailors and boaters

Boating Checklists for sailors and boaters

Essential information for all recreational boaters going to sea in power boats and sailing yachts

Dag Pike’s Boat Checklists for skippers of power boats and sailing yachts is packed with essential checklists – from Passage Planning to Safety Briefing, Navigation to Safety Equipment.

On land we are all governed by a wide variety of rules and regulations that dictate almost everything you do. At sea the responsibility changes and the skipper is the one who mainly sets the rules and standards.

There is a lot for a boat’s skipper to think about and Dag Pike is a great believer in having checklists to make sure that nothing is missed.

In this app his selection of checklists cover the wide range of things that skippers have to deal with both in harbor before sailing and once at sea.

The app is very easy to use. Simply work through the items on the lists and you can be comfortable that you have covered the things that need checking before you set off.

Features and Benefits:

  • Perfect for all recreational boaters, power and sail
  • Wide range of essential checklists
  • Always with you on your mobile device
  • No internet connection needed

Checklists include:

  • Passage Planning
  • Navigation
  • Engine
  • Crew
  • Sails & Rigging
  • Departure
  • Radio
  • Night Operations
  • Fuel Management
  • Weather
  • Safety Briefing
  • Engine spares
  • Safety Equipment
  • Boat spares & tools

and more…..

About the author:

Dag Pike began his career as a merchant captain, went on to test lifeboats, and took up fast boat navigation, winning a string of trophies for powerboat races around the world, including navigating Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic Challenger on the record-breaking fastest Atlantic crossing by powerboat. He is now a navigation and powerboat journalist in demand all round the world.

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Dag Pike's Essential Boating Checklists for Yachts & Motor Boats Essential checklists for any skipper - from Passage Planning to Safety Briefing, Navigation to Safety Equipment.Safety at Sea Safe Skipper

 Boating Checklists for sailors and boaters Boating Checklists for sailors and boaters Dag Pike Boat Checklist app Boating Checklists for sailors and boaters

Bonus Content from “Safe Skipper”:

A free bonus section has tips on how to deal with emergencies including: Abandon ship; Dismasting; Distress Signals; Engine Failure; Fire Fighting; Flares; Getting a tow; Helicopter rescue; Holed hull; Man overboard; Medical emergency; Mayday; Panpan; Securité.

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