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Start Sailing quick reference and learning guide


Start Sailing: learn to sail 

Start Sailing: Yachts

is an essential quick reference guide to starting sailing and becoming a competent crew member on a yacht. This app helps learn crewing skills, living aboard, parts of the boat, navigation, safety and useful boating words.


Start Sailing is an illustrated reference guide for novice sailors. The app is full of useful tips advising how to get started in sailing and become a competent crew member. Featuring more than 100 illustrations, Start Sailing provides at-a-glance information on a range of subjects. These include the parts of a boat, crewing skills, basic navigation and safety at sea.

There are seven main sections in Start Sailing:

KIT BAG advises on clothing, wet weather gear and the essentials to take with you. 

THE YACHT has annotated illustrations of the parts of a boat, to help you understand the layout above and below decks. 

LIVING ABOARD explains accepted practices about living on board a boat.

CREWING covers the practical aspects of boat handling, including coiling ropes, tying knots, hoisting sails and operating winches. This section explains how a boat is sailed at different angles to the wind, including tacking and gybing manoeuvres. All the various crewing skills required to become a competent crew are included.

NAVIGATING introduces the traditional navigation methods used for finding your way at sea. The section includes passage planning, how to use paper and electronic charts, as well as the weather and tides. 

SAFETY covers first aid, man overboard drills, fire prevention and personal flotation devices.

BOAT WORDS is a glossary explaining the meaning of more than 200 nautical terms.

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Start Sailing: learn to sail 

 ************Features and Benefits*******************

– Easy reference learning and revision tool for competent crew students.
– 100+ graphics and captions for clear, accurate explanations.
– 200+ boating terms explained in plain, easy to understand language.

Learn the basics

Whether preparing for a holiday afloat, or a short break with friends, it helps to know some of the basics before you go. If you are new to sailing, then having some knowledge before you join a yacht will make the trip much more enjoyable, however confident or fast a learner you may be. Start Sailing will help you get started and develop new skills.

The fun of sailing

Start Sailing will also help those who might lack confidence aboard a sailing boat and feel it best to remain a passenger and let others crew the boat. This app will guide them through what is involved and help them discover that the rewards from going sailing are about taking part.

Thank you for choosing Start Sailing: Yachts.

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