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Nav Lights & Shapes Quiz 1

Anyone who is responsible for a vessel at sea, from the smallest dinghy to an ocean going supertanker, day or night, must be able to recognise other vessels and quickly interpret what they see around them. This is not always easy, especially in crowded coastal waters.

The Nav Lights & Shapes – Lights quiz is designed to help all recreational and professional seafarers learn how to identify the vessels in their vicinity and the activities they are engaged in. The lights displayed follow an international code specified by the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (ColRegs).

This test-yourself series of multiple choice questions helps you check your knowledge.

To start just click the button below. Good luck!

SafeSkipper8 hours ago
⛵ Rules of The Road - Col Regs App. 🌐 An essential app for all sailors - used worldwide!

Simply open the app and search the rules in seconds to find the appropriate rule and definition. Find out more about the app here:

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COLREGS QUIZ - Test yourself now! ⛵⛴️🛶

Anyone who is responsible for a vessel at sea, needs to be familiar with, and abide by, International Colregs. SHARE NOW and test your friends!

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⛵ Sailing Single Handed to the Azores. Part 4 - Navigation 🗺️

This is the fourth of a 10-part post where solo sailor, Bernie Branfield, shares his first hand account of sailing from Plymouth, UK to the Azores, as part of the 2022 Jester Challenge, in his 26′ Invicta Mk2, Louisa


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With hunting seasons approaching and a lot of folks storing their boats for the next few months, I think it’s imperative to address the importance of keeping your boat free of pests while in storage. When boats sit for a while, they become a breeding ground for all kinds of nasty critters whether ...