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First Aid Afloat

First Aid Afloat by Paul Hopkins. For all iOS and Android devices

First Aid Afloat is a quick reference and revision tool covering first aid from a boating perspective. In the event of a medical emergency at sea, first aid knowledge and swift action can save lives.

Giving first aid at sea can be challenging and often requires improvisation, especially in rough weather.

On a first aid course you will normally learn how to roll a person into the recovery position.  That is all great but it will probably be on a dry, warm class room with a flat floor.

 At sea you may be performing the same skill at night, in rough seas, with the boat pitching and rolling. In this case it may not be possible to perform the ‘text book’ style of the recovery position.

 After using this app you will understand the key principles of the skill and it will be your job as a skipper or crew to do the best that you can given the situation.

First Aid Afloat for yachts and motorboats and all seagoers

First Aid Afloat

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More about the app:

First Aid Afloat provides essential knowledge of first aid for all those going afloat in small craft, whether on inland waters, rivers, estuaries or up to 60 miles offshore. The app is a useful revision aid for those studying first aid at sea courses. It is also a useful tool in the event of a real life medical emergency at sea, including how to contact emergency services for medical help and rescue, how to carry out medical assessment and how to deal with specific injuries and illnesses.

You may be the vital link between a casualty and professional help ashore and will need skills and confidence to deal with a first aid situation aboard a vessel in challenging circumstances. First Aid Afloat will help provide a working knowledge of first aid procedures for injuries and illness at sea. It has been tailored to help seafarers deal with a wide range of difficult scenarios requiring first aid treatment afloat, where expert help is not easily available.

Written by Paul Hopkins, a First Aid and Yachtmaster Instructor.

Designed as a learning tool for study ashore and also for quick reference for those out on the water. Use the learning section for study and the four quizzes to test yourself. In an emergency, open the app and search in seconds to find the appropriate illness or injury to help you cope confidently and swiftly.

With its step by step photographs and clear, easy to follow explanations this app makes for an ideal quick reference learning aid that covers a wide range of injuries and illnesses that can occur at sea.

Features and Benefits:

  • Use as a learning tool ashore for study of first aid methods
  • Use as a quick reference tool afloat to help deal with emergencies at sea
  • Step by step photographs show what to do in real-life situations
  • “Test Yourself” section to help you learn

Injuries and Illnesses Covered:




Casualty assessment

AVPU – level of consciousness





Crush injuries


Diabetic emergency

Electrical injury

Eye injury

Fish spine injury

First Aid kits


Head injury

Heart attack



Helicopter rescue

Illness assessment

Jellyfish stings




Spinal injuries

Strains & sprains


Vital signs

Weils disease, Swamp fever

Use the Test Yourself section to check your First Aid knowledge and become more confident.

A good understanding of First Aid is essential for all people who go to sea in sailing and power boating craft, where help is not always nearby. The app is not intended as a replacement for first aid training & qualifications.

Bonus Content from “Safe Skipper”:

A free bonus section has tips on how to deal with emergencies including: Abandon ship; Dismasting; Distress Signals; Engine Failure; Fire Fighting; Flares; Getting a tow; Helicopter rescue; Holed hull; Man overboard; Medical emergency; Mayday; Panpan; Securité.




Paul Hopkins’ Starboard First Aid website can be seen here.

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First Aid Disclaimer

Illness Assessment Form