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Press Release March 2014

March 2014


7 great nautical reference apps with essential rules, regulations and tips, available on Apple, Android and Kindle smartphones & tablets


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Have you seen all of the Safe Skipper apps for iPhone and Android phones & tablets?

There are now 7 boating apps available and they are each an important aid to navigation, chart symbols, buoys and lights, international regulations and essential knowledge to keep you informed and safe at sea, whether you are on the water yourself or teach others.

Our latest Apps:

Navigation Lights & Shapes – Colregs Rules of the Road v2 Learn Nautical Buoys & Lights - IALA Rules for buoyage Electronic Chart Symbols

Navigation Lights & Shapes for Boating and Sailing: International ColRegs – essential quick reference to help you identify vessels and the activities they are engaged in.

Nautical Rules of the Road: ColRegs for power boating and Sailing – enables you to quickly interpret what other vessels are going, who has right of way and what action, if any, should be taken.

IALA: Buoyage and Lights at Sea – quickly recognise and interpret the buoys and light markers and improve your overall boating skills and safety on the water.

Electronic Nautical Chart Symbols – a quick reference guide to the symbols used on electronic (ECDIS) nautical charts, as specified by the International Hydrographic Organization.

Our other Apps:

Safe Skipper Inland Navigation Rules Chart Symbols

Safe Skipper – advice on preparation, equipment, communications & emergency procedures. 100+ custom graphics, photos and illustrations for quick reference.

Navigation Rules Inland – the complete US Inland Rules with 100+ custom explanatory illustrations and captions. Includes emergency procedures section.

Nautical Chart Symbols & Abbreviations – a quick reference and learning tool to help interpret nautical charts, based on the chart specifications of the International Hydrographic Organization.